Vintage “Daniel” furniture in African rosewood and smoked glass by Paolo Piva, Italy 1970


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About this vintage design furniture

Discover the wonderful cabinet from the "Daniel" series dating back to the 1970s, a unique creation from the renowned Adria firm FAMA, designed by the acclaimed Paolo Piva during his early years of design career. This extraordinary piece of furniture is made entirely of fine African rosewood, with elegant smoked glass doors. It represents an excellent example of the extraordinary quality and Italian craftsmanship, embodying the talent of a designer destined to leave an indelible mark on the history of design. Our cabinet is in impeccable condition, with no obvious signs of the passage of time. For further information on its history and provenance, consult the bibliography: "Repertoire of Italian design 1950-1980" by G. Gramigna, p. 369, Mondadori, 1985." Product Name: Cabinet "Daniel" from the "Daniel" Series Designer: Paolo Piva Year of Design: 1970s Style: Italian Design Main Materials: African Rosewood and Smoked Glass Distinctive Design: The use of fine African rosewood, the elegant smoked glass doors and the sober and captivating design by Paolo Piva make it a unique piece. Typical Dimensions: 112x45xH142cm Comfort: Large storage capacity Typical Use: Interior furnishing, object conservation, display of collectibles Design Icon: This cabinet from the "Daniel" series by Paolo Piva is an icon of vintage Italian design, symbol of the beginning of an extraordinary career in the world of design. Versatility: Suitable for different furnishing contexts Current State of Design: Perfect condition, with no signs of wear Additional Notes: This cabinet is mentioned in the bibliography "Repertory of Italian design 1950-1980" by G. Gramigna, p. 369, Mondadori, 1985. Paolo Piva (1933 - 2017) was a renowned Italian designer and architect known for his influential creations in the fields of industrial design and architecture. Here is some key information about his career and his contribution to the world of design: Career Beginning: Paolo Piva was born in Adria, Italy, and studied architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. His design career began in the 1960s and 1970s. Iconic Design: Paolo Piva has become famous for his creations in the furniture design industry, particularly for his work with the furniture company B and B Italia. One of his most iconic designs is the "Alanda" chest of drawers, which has become a symbol of postmodern design. Distinctive Style: Paolo Piva's design was characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes and a strong sense of minimalist aesthetic. This style has helped define contemporary Italian design. Successful Collaborations: In addition to his collaboration with B and B Italia, Piva has worked with several other prestigious design and furniture companies, helping to create a series of furniture pieces that have become true design classics. Lasting Influence: Paolo Piva's works continue to influence contemporary design. His approach to balancing aesthetics and functionality has made his pieces highly desirable to design lovers and collectors alike. Architecture: In addition to furniture design, Paolo Piva has also worked in the field of architecture, creating residential and commercial projects all over the world. Prestige and Awards: Paolo Piva has received numerous recognitions and awards throughout his career, attesting to his importance in the world of design. Paolo Piva was a key figure in the Italian design scene and his work continues to inspire new generations of designers and design lovers. His legacy in the world of design is rich in innovation and style, and his creations remain coveted pieces of internationally recognized design. Reference : 300738

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112 cm
142 cm
45 cm
Paolo PIVA
Mid Century
Secondary colour
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About the designer

Paolo PIVA

Paolo Piva was born in 1950 in Adria, a small town in northern Italy. He studied architecture at the University of Venice and began his career as an interior designer. In the 1970s, he began working for B&B Italia, where he created innovative, modern furniture that soon attracted worldwide attention.

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