Vintage Murano Sommerso glass vase, Italy 1960


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About this vintage design furniture

Seguso in the Sixties. This Murano glass vase is a vintage decorative piece that represents the distinct craftsmanship and design style of Murano glass from that era. Murano glass is world-renowned for its high quality and artistry. It is known for its clarity, rich colors, and the skilled techniques employed by Murano glass artisans. Sommerso technique is a special glassblowing technique developed in Murano. It involves layering different colors of glass to create a multi-layered effect. In this case, the vase features green and yellow layers. The outer layer is often a different color from the inner layer, creating a striking visual contrast. The vase is faceted, flat and angled surfaces catch and reflect light differently. This design element gives the vase a unique and modern appearance. The design of the vase aligns with mid-century modern design principles, characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes, and an emphasis on form and function. The combination of green and yellow adds vibrancy and a playful touch to the vase. These colors are typical of mid-century modern design, which often incorporated bold and contrasting hues. Authentic Murano glass pieces from this era are highly collectible. The craftsmanship and artistic quality of Murano glass are well-regarded, and vases like these are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. This vase can make a stunning and eye-catching addition to interior decor, capturing the spirit of the mid-century modern design era. Reference : 302471

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11 cm
27 cm
11 cm
Archimede SEGUSO
Mid Century
Secondary colour
Main material
Murano glass

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About the designer

Archimede SEGUSO

The Seguso designer refers to the Seguso family, one of the oldest and most prestigious glassmaking families in Murano, Italy. This family has a long tradition of hand-blown glass production, going back many centuries.

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