Vintage oval transparent Murano glass bowl for Barovier, Italy 1950



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About this vintage design furniture

A bullicante murano glass bowl manufactured in Venice in the Fifties by Barovier, the oval bowl has two fruits on the sides. This Bowl is a fine example of the exquisite craftsmanship that the Barovier family and their glassworks company are known for. Murano glass is renowned for its high-quality and unique composition. Murano glass is famous for its clarity, brilliance, and the ability of artisans to create intricate and delicate details. Bullicante Technique: "Bullicante" refers to a specialized glassblowing technique that involves trapping controlled air bubbles within the glass. In this case, the glassblower would create a pattern of evenly spaced and controlled bubbles within the clear glass, giving it a distinctive texture. These bubbles, also known as "controlled bubbles," add a tactile and visual dimension to the bowl, creating an engaging and dynamic surface. The clear Murano glass used for the bowl is known for its optical clarity. This transparency allows light to pass through and interact with the trapped bubbles, creating a beautiful play of light and shadows, further enhancing the visual appeal. Barovier & Toso, one of the oldest and most prestigious Murano glass companies, was known for its exceptional craftsmanship. Artisans in their workshops had perfected the art of Murano glassblowing, and their pieces were highly regarded for their precision and attention to detail. Vintage Murano glass pieces, especially those created by esteemed companies like Barovier & Toso, are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. Their historical significance, quality, and timeless design make them valuable and cherished items Reference : 303015

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21 cm
9 cm
17 cm
Mid Century
Main material
Murano glass

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About the designer


Barovier is the name of a famous family of Italian glassmakers who have been active in the glass industry for over seven centuries. Among the most notable members of this family is Ercole Barovier (1889-1974), a designer and master glassmaker who played an important role in the 20th-century renaissance of the Murano glass industry.

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