Vintage Murano glass vase, 1970


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Wonderful vase of small dimensions and practically spherical shape, except for the mouth and the base, which protrude slightly. Made in the 1970s in Murano glass using the blown glass technique, with several layers and colors. Inside there is a mottling in ocher tones that can be seen slightly on the outside, where the color black takes center stage. Murano glass is a form of glass art that originated on the island of Murano, near Venice, Italy. With a history dating back more than 700 years, Murano's master glassmakers have perfected the techniques of hand-blowing and shaping glass, passing on their knowledge and skills from generation to generation. Murano glass creations are renowned for their high quality, artistic beauty and exquisite details. With a wide range of colors and intricate designs, Murano glass has left a lasting mark on the world of art and design, being appreciated by collectors and art lovers around the world. Today, it continues to be produced by skilled artisans, keeping this rich artisanal tradition alive. Their creations range from traditional and ornamental pieces to modern and contemporary designs. It is considered a valuable craft and a unique artistic expression, appreciated for its uniqueness and its ability to create visually stunning pieces. How is this made? Glass is made of silica, which dissolves at high temperatures, between 1200 to 1400 degrees Celsius, until it forms a paste. After reducing the temperature to 800°, the liquid glass is collected at the end of the blowpipe by one of the Master's assistants, the "servente". During this procedure, the "servant" rolls the pipe into the furnace, and then lifts it out of the vessel, rotating the pipe to remove any excess. The fumes derived from this process are highly toxic, so workers can only work for 25 years. Various materials can be added to the top of the bubble, such as precious metal sheets, thin glass sticks or coloring pastes, for ornamental purposes. The glass is then stretched, crushed, pinched, ironed, scratched, elongated and cut. The masters rotate the glass on the pipes, forming symmetrical circles in the air, thus obtaining the desired shape, like the pieces of our mirrors. Once the piece is finished, it is annealed, gradually lowering the temperature to prevent the glass from exploding. Once cooled, the cold polishing phase begins. Dimensions: 15 x 13 x 13 cm. Reference : 303307

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13 cm
15 cm
13 cm
Mid Century
Secondary colour
Main material
Murano glass

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