Vintage analog desk telephone "Marty", France 1925


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Quaint old analog desktop telephone made in France, in 1925, by the "Association des Ouvriers en Instruments de Précision de Paris", as its label says. This is the model 1910, called "Marty", numbered 817. The Marty 1910 model is one of the first devices manufactured in mass production. This Association was a French company specialized in the assembly of small electrical mechanisms. Of this telephone, there is a mobile version and a fixed version for the wall. Its structure is based on a solid mahogany wood box, with resistant dovetail joints, and varnished with a dollhouse, which emphasizes its reddish color. The crank on the side allows you to call the operator. Above is the main earpiece, which consists of a receiver for listening and a microphone for speaking. The other extra earpiece is for listening only. The headphones are engraved with numerous inscriptions with patents and dates, all of them perfectly legible. The wiring is original from the time. If we lift the top of the box, inside is the fascinating mechanism and wiring that once gave life to this magnificent phone. Lovers of technology-related antiques will appreciate the charm and value of this beautiful antique French desk telephone. About the Precision Instrument Workers Association At the end of the 19th century, sixty-four workers from the Paris Chamber of Precision Instrument Workers came together to create their company. It was the secretary of this union chamber, Edmond Briat -future general secretary of the Consultative Chamber of Production Workers Associations from 1907 to 1940-, who would be its first president. The first assembly elected a certain Viardot as its first director. Its activities are concentrated in the fields of telephony and public procurement, and include: the manufacture of cameras and cinematographic equipment, the manufacture of telegraphs and telephones (Marty 1910...), the manufacture and installation of telephone exchanges (multiple) , the manufacture of electronic measuring devices and needles and resistance boxes (including the famous "black box" known to students), the manufacture of automation equipment (starters), the manufacture of navigation equipment (gyrocompass), etc At the height of its capabilities, the company had two factories in Brittany (Morlaix, Guingamp), one factory in Béziers, one in Toulouse, one in Évry, the headquarters and another factory at Paris 13, rue Charles-Fourier. In the 70s, it became the largest cooperative in Europe, outside the USSR, with 4,600 employees. It markets its products under the brands "Association of Precision Instrument Workers", then "AOIP". Dimensions: 25 x 22 x 22 cm. Reference : 304989

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22 cm
25 cm
22 cm
Minor defects
Mid Century
Year 10s
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