Vintage "Famille Rosa" fish bowl in Chinese porcelain, China 1900



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Large centerpiece / Fishbowl, Chinese Porcelain Rosa Family, around 1900 – China Exceptional hand-painted Chinese porcelain fish tank, made in the first quarter of the 20th century, following the style of the Guangxu period, of the Rosa Family type. Pink Family is the name given in Europe to a certain type of Chinese porcelain, which starting in the 18th century included glazes of this color to the previous palette of greens, yellows, reds and blues. Currently, the Rosa Family porcelain pieces are highly valued for their beauty and fine decoration. This large hemispherical piece presents a profuse decoration based on floral motifs and foliage, and large tents. The element that is most repeated is the peony, both outside and inside, in gradient colors such as pink, mauve and yellow. In the lower and flatter area of the fish tank, three stylized carp have been represented swimming among flowers (peonies and cherry branches) and aquatic plants (water lilies), thus representing the background of a Chinese pond or lake. Swimming against the current, the carp symbolizes perseverance, freedom and courage for the Chinese, and is also the emblem of longevity, marital fidelity, abundance and fertility. All hand painted on a celadon green background that highlights the original colors. Stamp on the bottom. These containers not only had a decorative purpose, but also a practical one, as they were used to keep the fish alive before cooking them, in addition to enjoying watching them from above. The way these fish were transported between different cities is also curious: a train was used with a wooden mechanism that allowed, through pedals, to hit the water to oxygenate the fish and thus ensure their survival on the journey. The origin of aquarium hobby lies in Chinese culture; they were the creators of the different varieties of goldfish, modifying fins, tails and eyes. This centerpiece is perfect for decorating any space in the house, as if it were a vase, on a shelf, console or sideboard. It can be used as a gorgeous centerpiece, or even as a freestanding sink! It will add a unique and original touch to your home! In very good condition with age and use. Material: Chinese porcelain Period: Around 1900 Country of origin: China Good condition based on age and use. Dimensions: 20 x 40 x 40 cm. Shipping of the product will be paid by the buyer according to the dimensions, weight and destination. Professional custom-made packaging is included in the shipping costs; and personalized shipping, with tracking number and warranty. Reference : 308778

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