Luxury vintage lighter plated in yellow gold for La Maison S.t. Dupont

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About this vintage design furniture

Luxury lighter from the prestigious house S.T. Dupont, plated in 20 micron yellow gold and decorated in authentic Chinese lacquer with veins in shades between brown and orange, framed between gold profiles. It is engraved with initials (VG) and the golden areas have a striated surface as decoration. Its design is a timeless icon among high-end lighters. On the base there are the authenticity marks of the firm with its serial number. The lighter is in working order, although it is delivered without a gas charge, as established by EU regulations. Its conservation corresponds to normal use, without damage. Does not keep the box. The S.T. lighters Dupont are made by the most prestigious specialists in an artisanal way, combining tradition and high technology. The firm stands out particularly in the application of Chinese lacquer, which is carried out meticulously layer by layer, from the sap of the "Rhus Vernicifera" tree, to achieve a beautiful and highly resistant finish and whose technique, transmitted from generation to generation , very few master lacquerers master. To date, S.T.Dupont is the only brand that perfectly controls this ancient technique. For this reason, its lacquered objects are luxury pieces appreciated throughout the world. Dupont lighters are symbols of elegance, quality and sophistication. They stand out for their exceptional quality and durability. Each component is carefully designed and manufactured to ensure optimal performance. Their timeless design and impeccable craftsmanship make them ideal gifts for special occasions. Dimensions: 4.7 x 1.4 x 3.5 cm. Weight: 91g. Reference : 308826

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