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Camphor Trunk, brass and bronze, 19th century. XIX – British colonies Impressive trunk in solid camphor wood made at the beginning of the 19th century. English colonial style produced in South India for the European market. It has bronze handles, lock and keyhole; corners and corners in golden brass. The lid handle is recessed into the lid, characteristic of the English boat style. All original from the period, the lock still works with a key. You can appreciate the beautiful wood with the grain of warm caramel nuances. Likewise, the grain is seen perfectly, integrated into the exquisite patina. Hinged lid, white central plate on the outside. The spacious and well-presented interior offers the coveted aroma of camphor wood. This trunk is extremely versatile, it can be used as a side table, fabulous bedroom storage or as extra seating. Greatly unknown to the general public, the wood of the camphor tree (Cinnamomum camphora) reached European lands for the first time several centuries ago. Native to China, it grows mainly south and southeast of the Yangtze River and in Taiwan. It is generally light in color. It is very durable, capable of resisting insects, moths or rot. Its consistency is strong and does not crack or warp. Its most popular characteristic is a particular fresh and balsamic aroma, which also hardly decreases over time. All these properties make it ideal for making trunks, as it transmits its pleasant fragrance to the contents, while protecting it from pests and mold. These trunks were traditionally used in China to store blankets, linens, food and even documents. In addition to being used for trunks, it is a highly appreciated wood for making panels, drawers, boxes, furniture, ornamental surfaces and carvings. The first camphor trunks arrived to the West by sea transport (for which they were ideal due to all the characteristics already mentioned), containing tea, silks or porcelain, but their beauty was such that those who received them could not resist displaying them in their homes. lounges. Style: Colonial / English Military Materials: Camphor wood, bronze, brass Period: 19th century Good condition based on age and use. Dimensions: 41 x 87 x 45 cm. Reference : 311583

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