Michel DUFET

Dufet comes from a family of artists and grew up in an environment conducive to creative expression. He studied at the École Boulle in Paris, where he acquired the technical skills needed to become an accomplished designer. Early in his career, he worked in the workshop of his father, the sculptor and wrought-iron worker Jean Dufet, which enabled him to familiarize himself with metalworking and develop his own distinctive style.

In the 1920s, Michel Dufet began to make a name for himself as an industrial designer. He collaborated with renowned companies of the time, such as Compagnie des Arts Français and Manufacture des meubles et bronzes de style. He created modern, functional furniture pieces that quickly attracted attention.

One of Dufet's most iconic projects was his collaboration with the famous couturier Paul Poiret. Together, they designed house and apartment interiors, as well as furniture and accessories, in the characteristic Art Deco style of the period. Their work was praised for its elegance, sophistication and innovative use of materials and geometric forms.

Michel Dufet also participated in international exhibitions, notably the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes in Paris, where the Art Deco style was widely showcased. His creations were much appreciated and helped popularize modern design.

Over the decades, Dufet continued to work on a variety of projects, from furniture and decorative object designs to larger interior architecture projects. His work was characterized by meticulous attention to detail, balanced aesthetics and innovative use of materials.

Michel Dufet has left a lasting imprint on French design. His work continues to be studied and appreciated for its contribution to modern aesthetics and the evolution of interior design.

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