Abraham & Jan Rol


Abraham Rol was born in 1904 and began his career in the 1920s as an apprentice in an upholstery workshop. He then worked for various furniture companies before opening his own workshop in 1936, where he began producing modern, functional furniture.

Jan Rol was born in 1937 and joined his father's workshop in the 1950s. He studied at the Royal School of Decorative Arts in The Hague and brought a more contemporary vision to the family business.

Together, Abraham and Jan Rol created innovative, avant-garde furniture and lighting designs, with a mix of organic and geometric shapes. They worked with materials such as wood, metal and glass, often using advanced manufacturing techniques to create unique pieces.

Their work has been widely recognized, with exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world. They also won numerous awards for their design, including the prestigious Milan Triennale prize in 1957.

Although Abraham died in 1963, the family business continued to flourish under the direction of Jan Rol and continued to produce high-quality furniture and lighting until its closure in 2001.

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