Federico MUNARI

Born in Gorizia, Italy, Munari studied at the Milan Academy of Fine Arts, where he began his career as an artist and designer. In the early 1950s, he began to focus on graphic design and worked for several Italian companies, including Olivetti and Piaggio.

Throughout his career, Munari was a forerunner of modern graphic design, developing innovative techniques to create images, typography and graphics that influenced designers worldwide. He also wrote several books on design, including "Design and Visual Communication" and "La scoperta del quadrato" ("The Discovery of the Square"), which are considered design classics.

Munari also worked in the field of visual art, creating abstract sculptures, installations and paintings. He won numerous awards for his work, including the gold medal at the Milan Triennale exhibition in 1954.

Today, Federico Munari is recognized as one of the greatest Italian designers of the 20th century, whose legacy continues around the world.

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