Garouste & Bonetti


They began their careers working on interior design projects for private clients, but soon broadened their scope by designing furniture and decorative objects for renowned publishing houses such as Ligne Roset, Hermès, and Bernardaud.

During the 1980s and 1990s, Garouste & Bonetti were highly influential in the world of interior design and decoration. They have worked on projects all over the world, from Paris to New York to Tokyo.

Their creations are often characterized by a bold use of color and materials, as well as a keen sense of theatricality and staging. Their furniture and objects are often considered works of art in their own right.

In addition to their work as designers, Garouste & Bonetti have also been involved in artistic projects, including exhibitions and installations.

Despite a professional separation in 2001, Garouste & Bonetti remain a major reference in the world of design and interior decoration.

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