From an early age, Müller showed an interest in art and design. He studied interior architecture at Berlin's University of Fine Arts, where he was noticed for his exceptional talent and creativity. After graduating, he worked with several renowned architects and designers, gaining valuable experience in the field.

Over the years, Müller has developed his own approach to design, harmoniously blending functionality and aesthetics. His creations are distinguished by their timeless elegance, combined with pure forms and flowing lines. He is also known for his ability to incorporate innovative, sustainable materials into his designs, reflecting his commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Müller's projects cover a wide range, from the interior design of private residences to furniture and lighting designs for internationally renowned brands. His work has been widely exhibited in art galleries and design fairs around the world, and he has received numerous awards and recognitions for his outstanding achievements.

As a designer, Müller sees himself as a craftsman who seeks to create spaces and objects that improve the lives of the people who use them. His holistic approach to design, combined with his innate sense of aesthetics, enables him to push boundaries and inspire future generations of designers.

Today, Otto Müller continues to work on exciting new projects, exploring new ideas and pushing the boundaries of design. His outstanding contribution to the design industry has made him a respected and admired figure worldwide.

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