1920 - 1991


He was the creator and publisher of an elegant, modern avant-garde capable of rivaling the best foreign productions. His story is also that of his friendships with the crème de la crème of French design in the '50s: Pierre Guariche, Joseph-André Motte, Alain Richard, Michel Mortier and, later, Olivier Mourgues, Etienne Fermigier and François Arnal. Biography Pierre Disderot studied engineering at the Ecole Breguet, but showed great sensitivity to modern architecture, joining the Espace group founded in 1951 by André Bloc, director of the magazine l'Architecture d'aujourd'hui. In 1948, he opened Ateliers Pierre Disderot, specialized in the manufacture of lighting fixtures. Initially inspired by the classic creations of his time, such as those by Perzel or the bronziers d'arts, he soon turned to more innovative designs. It was his meeting with Marcel Gascoin that gave him the opportunity to discover two talented young designers, Michel Mortier and Pierre Guariche, members of his design office. From then on, the trio launched the first range of 'rational' lighting fixtures. and many other fruitful collaborations followed for almost 30 years: Joseph-André Motte, Gautier Delaye, Jacques Dumond, Bernard Durussel, Pierre Paulin, Roger Fatus... Many avant-garde models were born in his workshops. In 1955, he took part in the stimulating adventure of ARP, founded the previous year by the trio Guariche, Motte and Mortier with the aim of federating publishers committed to a demanding modernity. Pierre Disderot had the ability to surround himself with the best of his time, to listen to their talents, like Pierre Guariche's with metal, and to offer them the technological tools of their dreams. An excellent creator himself, Pierre Disderot is much more than an industrialist for this generation of designers; he understands their demands for functionality, their uncompromising modernity and their rigorous, innovative aesthetics. This professional, artistic and friendly collaboration has resulted in one of the finest French creative symbioses of the twentieth century, and some of the world's most beautiful luminaires. For more than three decades, Pierre Disderot has been the benchmark for lighting fixtures, both for the home and for collective or architectural lighting. He was involved in many prestigious lighting projects, one of the best known being the France liner in 1960.

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