He is best known for his haute couture and ready-to-wear collections. However, he is also the creator of such fine furniture collections as "Les sculpture utilitaires" (1982), exhibited in a Japanese museum, and the "Recto Verso" line (2000s), freed from all constraints of form and space. Biography Pierre Cardin was born in Italy in 1922. He and his family emigrated to France in the mid-20s. He developed a passion for elegance and began training as a tailor at the age of 14. In 1945, he left Saint-Etienne for Paris, where he met Jean Cocteau and Christian Berard while working for Jeanne Paquin. In 1946, at just 24, he became Dior's first tailor. His daring creations seduced fashion enthusiasts the world over. He was the first couturier to popularize fashion by creating a ready-to-wear line. Passionate about design, he began creating functional furniture lines with original shapes in the 70s. He studied curves and materials such as polyurethane. Pierre Cardin is a towering figure in the world of fashion and art.

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