1920 - 2010


Ressell designed numerous steel and leather armchairs, sofas, chairs and even a bar (1960). In 1971, he designed the legendary Falcon chair. Produced for thirty years by the Vatne Möbler company, it is considered a true best-seller! Biography Ressell was born in Norway in 1920. He studied at the Norwegian National Academy of Crafts, Art and Industry, graduating in 1947. Sigurd Ressell entered one of his designs in a competition. It came to the attention of Niels Vodder, a designer who regularly collaborated with Finn Juhl, a key figure in the world of design. This led to the creation of a prototype based on his sketch. In 1958, Ressell received an award for its SR 600 chair at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers' Guild Exhibitions. Ressell had a profound impact on twentieth-century design.

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