In 1972, Van Der Berg set up his own furniture company, Montis, with his brother Paul. The Montis brand became famous for its innovative designs and use of high-quality materials. Van Der Berg won numerous awards for his designs, including the prestigious Kho Liang Ie Dutch Design Prize in 1974.

His best-known creations include the "Charly" and "Flower" lounge chairs, which have become classics of modern design. Van Der Berg also worked on projects for renowned brands such as Artifort, Label, Gelderland and Leolux.

Van Der Berg was known for his rigorous approach to design and his attention to detail. He believed that furniture should be both beautiful and practical, and therefore sought to create pieces that would be both elegant and comfortable.

Sadly, Van Der Berg passed away in 2011 following a serious illness. His legacy in the world of design remains very much alive, however, and his creations continue to be highly prized by lovers of modern, functional furniture.

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