In the early 1960s, Songia began his career working for various furniture companies in Italy. In 1968, he founded his own design company, Sormani, with which he produced several iconic pieces of furniture.

One of Songia's most famous pieces of furniture is the DS-600 chair, also known as the "love bed". This modular chair was designed in 1972 for Sormani and became a symbol of Italian design in the 1970s. It features a system of upholstered leather cushions, which can be assembled in different configurations to create a sofa or bed.

In addition to the DS-600 chair, Songia also designed other iconic pieces of furniture such as the DS-102 chair and the DS-30 coffee table.

Sadly, Songia's career came to an abrupt halt when he died at the age of 45 in 1984. However, his creations continue to be highly sought-after and are exhibited in numerous museums and galleries around the world.

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