1904 - 1988


He is considered a universal talent whose creative work is not restricted to sculpture, encompassing the creation of theater sets, furniture, lighting, interior design and the planning of public spaces and gardens. His sculptural style is dedicated to an organic formal language that had a lasting influence on design in the 1950s. Biography Isamu Noguchi set up his first studio after studying at Columbia University and the Leonardo da Vinci Art School. In 1927, he was awarded a scholarship from the Guggenheim Foundation. He became Constantin Brancusi's assistant in Paris and had his first solo exhibition in New York. After studying the art of the brush in China, he travels to Japan and works in clay with the master potter Jinmatsu Uno. "My father, Yone Noguchi, is Japanese, and his poetry has long been known as a translation of the East for the West. I'd like to do the same for sculpture," he wrote in his application to the Guggenheim Foundation.

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