Passionate about all facets of design, he has conceived over a hundred appliance models. In harmony with technological innovation and versatility, his creations are elegant yet discreet. The various collections of lamps he created are still seductive today. Biography Bruno Gecchelin was born in Italy in 1939. He studied architecture at the renowned Milan Polytechnic. After graduating, he designed decorative objects for major companies such as Indesit and Gruppo Industriale Busnelli. He then joined the Olivetti design office, where he worked for 15 years. In 1974, he founded his own agency and designed a whole range of accessories for the Fiat Panda. He then went on to design several pieces for the kitchen, followed by various lines of lamps for Arteluce-Flos, Venini, Skipper and O-Luce. He has also taught at the European Design Institute. Throughout his career, he has received prestigious awards, including three Compasso d'Oro, and the iF Product Design Award in Hanover.

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