For many years, Londi worked for the Bitossi company. He created over a hundred ceramic pieces for the company, including vases, animals, candleholders and jugs. His most famous collection is undoubtedly the Rimini Blu line. An exceptional combination of glazes and layers of blue, in homage to the tones of the Mediterranean. Biography Aldo Londi was born in 1911 in Montelupo, in the province of Florence. He developed a passion for design at an early age, joining a ceramics factory at the age of 11. His apprenticeship unfortunately came to an end with the outbreak of war. Between 1935 and 1943, Londi was a prisoner of war in South Africa. He then returned to Italy and obtained the position of artistic director at the Bitossi ceramics design company, a job he held for 50 years! Londi is a leading ceramist whose work is regularly cited in art magazines and books.

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