Christian DUC

He is a truly prolific designer. He is the creator of numerous pieces of furniture, including the Orwell cubic armchair (1980) and the Big Pouf coffee table, which can be transformed into a seat. His pieces reflect his modern, innovative spirit. Biography Christian Duc, whose real name is Ngo Quang Duc, was born in Vietnam in 1947. As a child, he left his native country for Pennsylvania and then the Drôme, where he studied literature at the University of Paris VIII and design in Berlin. He soon met with great success, with several of his pieces exhibited in museums such as Cooper-Hewitt in New York and the Arts Décoratifs in Paris and Oslo. He also won prestigious awards such as the Grand Prix de la Critique in 1989 and the Grand Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris in 1990. A trip to Vietnam gave a new impetus to his career. He draws inspiration from his own culture and history. He showcases Vietnamese craftsmanship in exhibitions at Le Bon Marché and Galeries Lafayette.

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