After studying at the National School of Industrial Design in Oslo, Opsvik worked as an industrial designer for various companies before founding his own company, Stokke, in 1972. It was at Stokke that Opsvik created some of his most famous chairs, such as the Variable Balans chair (1979) and the Gravity chair (1984).

Opsvik has always been interested in human anatomy and physiology, and his ergonomic chairs are the fruit of his in-depth research into the body's natural movements and spinal support needs. His creations have won numerous international design awards and have been widely used in both work and leisure environments.

Opsvik has also been an active advocate of the environment and sustainability, working to create ecological and environmentally-friendly products. He has received numerous awards for his work, including the Norwegian Industrial Design Award and the Swedish Design Award. Opsvik retired in 2018, but his legacy as a pioneer of ergonomic design continues to influence furniture design around the world.

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