After graduating from the Stockholm School of Arts and Crafts, Anna Ehrner began her career as a freelance designer. She soon developed a particular interest in glass and began to explore the creative possibilities of this fascinating material.

In the 1980s, Ehrner began collaborating with the famous Swedish brand Orrefors, which specialized in the production of high-quality glass. Her collaboration with Orrefors was fruitful and led to the creation of several iconic collections.

Anna Ehrner's distinctive style is characterized by organic, sculptural forms, combined with bold, vibrant colors. She has used a variety of glassworking techniques, including blowing, molding and hot forming, to create unique and innovative pieces.

Ehrner's creations have been widely recognized and have received many prestigious awards. Her pieces have been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world, and she has been invited to participate in renowned international exhibitions.

In addition to her work with Orrefors, Anna Ehrner has also collaborated with other design brands, broadening her field of creative expression. She has designed objects ranging from tableware and lighting to glass sculptures.

With her unique artistic vision and technical expertise, Anna Ehrner has played a major role in the revival of Swedish glass design. Her work continues to inspire designers and art lovers around the world.

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