Giovanni GORGONI

Martinuzzi began his career as a painter and sculptor, but soon turned to glass design. He worked for various Murano companies, including Venini, before founding his own glass production company in 1925, Napoleone Martinuzzi Vetri Artistici.

Throughout his career, Martinuzzi created glass objects of great beauty and originality. His creations were often inspired by organic forms, such as shells, plants and marine animals. He was also influenced by art deco and modernism, and sought to incorporate geometric forms into his creations.

Martinuzzi worked with many famous artists and designers during his career, including Carlo Scarpa and Gio Ponti. His works have been exhibited in many art and design museums around the world, and are still highly prized by collectors today.

Napoleone Martinuzzi died in Venice in 1977, but his legacy as a renowned designer and master glassmaker lives on to this day.

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