After completing his studies, Lambrecht began his career working for several well-known design companies in Belgium and Europe. His exceptional talent and creativity soon attracted the attention of the design industry, earning him numerous successes and awards.

Over the years, Arno Lambrecht has made a name for himself as a versatile designer, working in diverse fields such as furniture, lighting, electronics and accessories. His creations are characterized by a harmonious blend of elegant form, functionality and contemporary aesthetics.

Lambrecht is also known for his sustainable approach to design, emphasizing the use of ecological materials and the creation of sustainable products. His commitment to sustainability has earned him international recognition, and he is often invited to take part in conferences and exhibitions on sustainable design.

Arno Lambrecht's work has been featured in numerous specialist publications and exhibited in prestigious galleries and museums around the world. His creations have won numerous awards, testifying to his talent and impact in the field of design.

Today, Arno Lambrecht continues to innovate and push back the boundaries of design. His inspiring and innovative work continues to influence many designers and enrich the contemporary design landscape.

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