Christel and Christer HOLMGREN

Christel Holmgren was born in Sweden in 1968. She studied interior design at the Stockholm School of Design, where she developed her passion for creating functional and aesthetic spaces. She acquired solid experience working for several renowned design agencies before founding her own company.

Christer Holmgren was born in 1965, also in Sweden. He studied architecture at Lund University, where he developed his skills in structural design and technical drawing. He then turned to furniture design and worked with leading furniture manufacturers, perfecting his craft and understanding of materials and manufacturing techniques.

Christel and Christer Holmgren began collaborating in the 1990s, combining their respective skills to create unique furniture and spaces. Their style is characterized by clean lines, organic shapes and the use of natural materials such as wood and leather. They place great importance on the functionality and ergonomics of their creations, while favoring timeless aesthetics.

Their work has been widely recognized and rewarded. The duo has won several prestigious design awards, including the Red Dot Design Award and the Swedish Design Award. Their furniture and interiors have been featured in design exhibitions and galleries around the world, attracting the attention of design professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Today, Christel and Christer Holmgren continue to push the boundaries of furniture and interior design, creating elegant, functional spaces that marry traditional craftsmanship with contemporary innovation. Their work continues to influence and inspire designers and design enthusiasts around the world.

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