Vittorio PARIGI & Nani PRINA

Parigi was born in Milan and studied architecture at the Milan Polytechnic. He began his career working for architect Gio Ponti before forming a partnership with Prina in 1933.

Prina was also born in Milan and studied at the Milan Polytechnic. Before joining Parigi, she worked for the architect Giuseppe Terragni.

The Parigi-Prina duo are known for their modernist approach to architecture, combining simple, geometric forms with traditional materials. They designed numerous public buildings in Italy, including schools, hospitals and office blocks.

Perhaps their most famous work is the San Siro stadium in Milan, built in 1926 and renovated by Parigi and Prina in 1955 for the FIFA World Cup. The stadium is now known as Stadio Giuseppe Meazza.

Sadly, Parigi died prematurely in 1956, leaving Prina at the head of their agency. She continued to work until her death in 1966, designing the Hotel Excelsior Gallia in Milan, which is still in operation today.

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