1917 - 1999

Jacques HITIER

During his 15-year association with industrialist Tubauto, numerous pieces were created, recognizable by the mix of soft materials such as wood, fabric and rattan with metal tubes. Biography Jacques Hitier was born in Paris in 1917. At just 13 and a half, he entered the Ecole Boulle, graduating in 1934. He joined the Primavera workshop at the famous Printemps stores. He later joined the Mobilor industry, specialized in school furniture, which produced some of his furniture. He opened his own agency after the Second World War, against a backdrop of Reconstruction. In 1949, he took part in the Salon des artistes décorateurs. Noticed by the industrialist Tubauto, they began a collaboration that resulted in a collection of tubular metal furniture. Until the 1970s, the decorating artist participated many times in the Salon des arts ménagers.

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