1907 - 1995


Wormley began his career as a freelance designer in the 1930s, but it was when he joined Dunbar Furniture in 1931 that he really began to make a name for himself. He quickly became one of the company's leading designers and helped shape its modern aesthetic.

For more than three decades, Edward Wormley created furniture that stood out for its clean, timeless style. He was known for his ability to combine classic forms with modern elements, and for his mastery of proportion and detail. His creations were both functional and elegant, and influenced many contemporary designers.

Wormley drew on a variety of influences, from classical architecture to decorative arts and traditional crafts. He has also drawn on Asian and European styles to create unique and versatile pieces. His most iconic creations include armchairs, sofas, coffee tables and storage furniture.

Edward Wormley has won numerous awards and distinctions throughout his career, and his work has been exhibited in prestigious museums and galleries around the world. His furniture is sought after by collectors and continues to be produced today by high-end furniture manufacturers.

Thanks to his innovative approach and timeless aesthetic, Edward Wormley is considered one of the most influential designers of the 20th century. His legacy lives on in the design world and continues to inspire new generations of designers.

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