1907 - 1988


In 1931, the designer created a series of webbed armchairs for a hospital, later nicknamed "Grasshopper" because of their resemblance to the insect. Particularly modern, the model remained unknown to the general public at first, before becoming a great success thanks to its innovative design and successful ergonomics. Biography Bruno Mathsson was born in Sweden in 1907. He descended from four generations of Swedish cabinetmakers. His path was thus clear, and he quickly developed a passion for woodworking and furniture design in general. He is known for his attention to detail, his rigor and his taste for modernity and innovation. His visionary eye was "too" avant-garde in the eyes of the public in his early years. It may be some time before his pieces, such as the Sauterelle armchair, are appreciated and in demand. From 1947 to 1957, he designed the Smaland Art Archive in his native Värnamo. He also designed tables with the poet and mathematician Piet Hein. Bruno Mathsson is one of the leading figures in Swedish design.

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