1897 - 1976


Kalff is the designer of the iconic and timeless Z table lamp produced by Philips in 1955. He is responsible for the great success of the lighting range of the famous household appliances company. Biography Kalff was born in Holland in 1897. He studied at the Technical University of Delf, where he developed his knowledge and skills in object design, sculpture, architecture and ceramics. In 1924, he joined the advertising department of the famous Philips household appliance brand. He distinguished himself by the quality of his work and quickly acquired increasing responsibilities: he was the creator of the brand's logo! Five years after joining the company, he founded the Philips lighting design studio and became the company's artistic director. At the same time, he designed posters, book covers and advertisements for various companies. He was even responsible for the lighting department at the World Exhibition in Barcelona, Paris and Antwerp.

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