Ohlsson began his career working in his father's cabinetmaking workshop. He then studied architecture at Lund University in Sweden. After working as a freelance designer in Sweden, he moved to the USA in 1953.

Once settled in the USA, Ohlsson began working for furniture manufacturer DUX, where he designed some of his most famous pieces, such as the Scandia chair and the Ingrid chair. He has also worked for other furniture manufacturers, including American designer Paul McCobb.

Ohlsson's furniture is characterized by its simple, functional design, and its use of high-quality materials such as teak and leather. He has been praised for his sense of innovation, attention to detail and clean aesthetic.

Today, Folke Ohlsson's creations are highly sought-after by collectors of mid-century modern furniture, testifying to the importance of his work in the history of design.

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