Ulferts TIBRO

His son, Bertil Ulferts, then took over the family business and began exploring new furniture designs. It was under his leadership that the company began to develop and mass-produce furniture, using modern production techniques.

In the 1970s, Ulferts Möbler experienced a period of rapid growth, opening several new stores in Sweden and expanding into international markets.

It was at this time that the company began working with renowned designers to create exclusive furniture collections. One of the most influential designers for Ulferts Möbler was Swedish designer Arne Norell, who created several chair and sofa models for the company.

Today, Ulferts Möbler is still a family business, run by the third generation of the Ulferts family. The company is proud of its heritage of Swedish quality, innovation and design, and continues to produce high-quality furniture for customers around the world.

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