Willem Hendrik GISPEN

He was the avant-garde designer of the Giso lamps (1926) and the famous tubular steel chairs. Gispen is famous for having purchased in 1916 a small factory dedicated to forging, to which he gave international renown thanks to his fastidious, high-quality production techniques. Biography Willem Hendrik Gispen was born in Amsterdam in 1890. In 1913, he began studying design at the Rotterdam Academy of Visual Arts and Sciences. He set up his own studio three years later, taking over a small business. He designed various types of furniture: clocks, lamps and more. In 1920, he co-founded the Opbouw circle, which went on to develop the foundations of Dutch functionalism. In creating the Giso lamp, Gispen responded to the desire to combine economy and aesthetics. His success quickly became international: he opened several studios in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels and London. In 1949, he published several articles in the magazine Goed Wonen. He also became interested in architecture. The Gispen company continues to enjoy great success.

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