Nice room

What could be nicer than falling asleep in a pretty room!

Too often left out, it has been able to metamorphose and reinvent itself in recent years, thanks to talented designers who have been able to give it back all its nobility. So it's impossible to miss the trends and novelties that will sublimate your bedroom.

From the most cocooning to the most chic, we suggest you discover different styles and some tips to adopt to make your bedroom a room to your image.

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Do the headboard

Highly trendy right now, the headboard adds flair to your bedroom. And for good reason! It was originally the symbol of the power of the kings of France (excuse the pun).

Today, it is a must-have decorating element; there are all kinds of materials and shapes, so have fun and choose the one that will be perfect in your bedroom.

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Our selection of headboards

Choose comforting neutrals

This season, we're opting for neutral, pastel, comforting colors. Soothing hues that will be ideal to get you ready for a good night's sleep. White, beige, green or emerald are colors that promote sleep. You can incorporate them into your bedroom linens, as paint on your walls, or in small touches with discreet decorative elements.

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Dress your room

A nice rug, a tastefully chosen bedside lamp, compose your decor with pieces that will sublimate your bedroom.

Nice rugs will bring a cocooning and warm style.

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Our rug selection

Add a few plants and your room turns into a bohemian atmosphere.

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For a more chic look, opt for gold decor elements.

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Our golden selection

As you can see, there is something for everyone, and above all, something to have fun creating new atmospheres according to your desires.

Marie Laplantine

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