The 10 must-haves for a waterfront home

The warm weather is here, the big vacations are fast approaching and the desire for the beach and the open sea is growing. How about we help you wait it out with our 10 must-have pieces for the perfect waterfront home decor?

First and foremost, you need to know how to create the perfect ambiance. To do this, we will favor colors reminiscent of the marine world, with shades of blue, beige and sand.

We will choose natural materials and materials such as terra cotta (1), wicker (2), linen (3) and wood (4).

With that said, let's get down to business, and look at our 10 must-have pieces for a waterfront home.

1 - The chaise lounge

Perhaps the most iconic piece of furniture for the waterfront. Whether folding, sober or imposing, designers never cease to offer original collections each year, for all tastes.

Our favorites

2 - Wicker and Rattan Accessories

For a successful decor, abuse wicker and rattan! A few baskets, or even hats, bags or tote bags hung on the walls, nothing like it to create a warm and natural atmosphere.

Photo credit: © Ralph Lauren Home
Photo credit: © Home Villa

Wicker and Rattan Selection

3 - Lanterns

Dispersed here and there in your home, or clustered on a windowsill, lanterns give that seaside spirit we love so much. Feel free to play around with the sizes and colors of the lanterns, and when night falls, light them up for a cozy vibe to die for.

Photo credit: © Deavita

4 - Pottery

We told you at the beginning of the article, the decorative elements to focus on are those made from natural materials. What better way to create a chic, bohemian vibe than by adding pottery to your home!

Our selection of pottery

5 - Pretty cushions

To bring that much-loved lazy feeling to the water's edge, choose nice, fluffy cushions, preferably in blue, sand or beige tones.

Photo credit: © Tine K Home

6 - Decorative items with a maritime touch

Bring the seaside into your home with unmistakable decorative elements! A sculpture, a ceramic, a canvas, unearth pieces featuring marine details.

Other ideas

7 - The Acapulco Chair

It's name already makes us travel. This contemporary design icon was created in the 1950s in Mexico by a local craftsman whose name remains a mystery. Crossing eras, it is for us a strong piece of seaside design.

Photo credit: © Sklum

8 - Linens

Choose natural materials like linen or cotton. Always keep in mind to favor colors that match our theme. You can adorn your table with a nice plain or patterned tablecloth, or choose a nice bedspread. But be careful not to overdo the stripes! They assault the eye if there are too many.

Photo credit: © archzine

9 - Rope Objects

Relating to boat ropes, designers have been able to incorporate rope on many objects. Here's a selection just for you:

10 - The Shaker

The final piece for the perfect waterfront vibe is the Shaker! There's nothing like a little refreshment on a sunny day. It's also a beautiful and trendy piece of decor right now.

Photo credit: © Sugar and Charm

Shakers for every taste

Marie Laplantine

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