The 10 industrial parts to have

Industrial design was born in the 18ᵉ century. Initially used by aristocrats, it marked a turning point in the mid-19ᵉ century and adapted to the needs of workers who demanded sturdy, high-quality materials.

Today, this style is very trendy and invites itself in our interiors.

Here are the 10 industrial pieces to have at home for a successful industrial atmosphere.

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1 - Industrial hanging lights

More than just lighting fixtures, industrial hanging lights are decorative elements in their own right. Whether they are made of metal or glass, they catch the eye wherever they are. They can be mounted above a dining table, a countertop, and why not even in your bathroom.

2 - The Tolix Chair

Monumentally known, the Tolix chair is a French creation by Xavier Pauchard. His idea was to create a sturdy piece that was easy to stack and economical. Today, the chair comes in many colors and materials. There's plenty of fun to be had!

Other chair styles to adopt:

3 - The Locker and Storage

Forget the cabinets, and long live the lockers! This furniture is really reinventing itself. In the early 20ᵉ century, workers stored their stuff in them, and mail sorters used them to save time. Today, they double as closets, storage, and even a bench.

Our lovely lockers and storage

4 - The workshop table

Turn a pretty wooden workshop table set on metal legs into a dining table! This brings in a rustic, raw feel, which pairs perfectly with some contemporary decor elements.

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5 - The wall clock

Of course, the clock tells the time first and foremost, but today it is an indispensable decorative element. Choosing an industrial style clock will add a real plus to your home.

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Our wall clocks

6 - The leather chair

Among the pieces you need to have to create an industrial vibe, the leather chair is essential. It needs to be stately and very comfortable.

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7 - The workshop desk

Many styles of desk exist. A simple wooden board supported by attractive trestles can be all you need to create the style you're looking for.

Other styles are also available in wood, metal or steel.

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Our industrial offices

8 - High stools

If you're lucky enough to have a bar, opt for high metal stools. Their size used to meet the safety standards required in factories. Today, they're just the right height to lean against our counters.

Credit photo Mathi Design

9 - The Movie Floor Lamp

The movie floor lamp fits perfectly into the industrial world, as its shade is very often made of metal and its base is made of wood (two materials inseparable from the industrial style).

Picture credit: My industrial light fixture

10 - The coffee table

A wooden coffee table with metal elements is what we need. It can be mounted on wheels, as if reminiscent of vintage wagons, or with drawers (a nod to the lockers found in factories).

More tables :

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