Afra and Tobia SCARPA

The Scarpa couple are responsible for a multitude of legendary pieces. They designed the Soriana chair (1970), the Jucker lamp (1963), the Bastiano series (1960) and the Monk chair (1973). Their pieces have been published by major companies such as Knoll International and Cassina. Biography Afra Bianchin and Tobia Scarpa were both born in Italy, in 1937 and 1935 respectively. They studied at the University Institute of Architecture in Venice. They began their careers in 1958, specializing in the creation of Murano glass products. They soon met with great success, collaborating with design giants such as B&B Italia and Cassina. They also designed store fixtures for Benetton. To this day, their designs are exhibited in major museums around the world. They have also been the subject of major international exhibitions.

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