1911 - 2011


From the very start of his career, and throughout his life, he wanted to design furniture with infinite combination possibilities, adaptable to any type of room. In 1944, this desire gave rise to one of his most remarkable and legendary pieces: the Royal System. Today, these modular shelving units are still a benchmark in the world of design. Biography Poul Cadovius was born in Denmark in 1911. He studied to become a saddler and upholsterer. He then turned his attention to designer furniture, particularly wall-mounted modular systems. He wanted to design furniture that would blend in perfectly with all types of interior. He designed several collections of modular shelving units, with an impressive number of possible combinations. Subsequently, he pursued his desire to create functional furniture, designing pieces in kit form. He decided to buy the company France & Son, which later became Cado, for which he and other designers designed numerous pieces. Cadovius is considered one of the great designers of the 20th century for his innovative approach to modular shelving and kit furniture.

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