1902 - 1971


His materials include wood, copper, brass, fabric and glass. A lighting genius, he designed lamps with invisible bulbs, using their shapes to direct the light's rays and color. Biography Hans-Agne Jakobsson was born in Sweden on the island of Gotland in 1919. He completed an apprenticeship as a carpenter, then decided to study architecture in Gothenburg. He obtained his first position as an industrial designer at General Motors, and later became assistant to a great name in Swedish design: Carl Malmsten.

In 1950, he urgently added a suspension model made of pine slats to one of his stores for Christmas, to soften the bright window lighting. Passers-by immediately fell in love with the suspension, even though it was not intended for sale. Jakobsson began producing the model in his own factories, and met with dazzling success abroad. In 1951, he founded his own company, Hans-Agne Jakobsson AB, and began his own production. Over the next 50 years, he designed more than 2,000 unique luminaires. Among his most famous creations are the Selectra, Blade and Dôme suspensions.

He employs a wide range of materials and techniques, including fringed fabrics and colored or smoked blown glass for some of his fixtures. This great diversity offers a range of timeless lighting. These pieces continue to seduce design lovers. They can be adapted to fit any interior.

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