1926 - 1998


Verner Panton had a predilection for all types of seating furniture (armchair, chair, stool...), and modern, innovative materials (plastic, fiberglass in particular), combined with bright colors and innovative lines. The result was unique, singular design pieces that had a profound impact on the 60s.


Verner Panton was born in 1926 in the small Danish town of Gamtofte. He began his studies in architectural engineering at the Odense Technical School, then turned to architecture at the renowned Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, where he met Arne Jacobsen. In 1950, they worked together, designing the world-famous Fourni chair (Ant chair). But Verner, known for his strong temperament, put an end to their collaboration. In 1955, he set up his own design studio, where his talent would come to the fore: in 1960, he produced the first injection-molded plastic chair, the Panton chair (or S chair). His creative genius would continue to express itself in other chairs, armchairs and lamps. Today, his furniture is still mass-produced by Vitra.

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