1920 - 2006

Grete JALK

Jalk designed various pieces of furniture, such as the 1961 wall-mounted storage system and the 1962 coffee table. She is also known for creating a storage system for stereos, televisions and cassettes. The curves of her furniture are comfortable and clear. Biography Grete Jalk was born in Copenhagen in 1920. She studied at the Women's Design School from 1940 to 1943. She continued and completed her studies at the School of Design in 1946, after attending the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. In 1953, she founded her own design studio. In 1963, she won first prize in a competition organized by The Daily Mirror for two laminated armchairs. Alongside her design career, Jalk edited the interior design magazine Mobilia with Gunnar Bratvold from 1956 to 1974. His articles can be found compiled in a four-volume work. This is renowned as a particularly comprehensive source of information.

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