After studying at the École Boulle, Jean Perzel set up as a glass artisan in 1923. He soon began creating glass lighting fixtures inspired by the modern movement and Art Deco aesthetics. His creations are characterized by their simplicity, elegance and functionality.

Over the years, Jean Perzel developed a glassworking technique that enabled him to create complex shapes and subtle plays of light. He also works with metal, particularly brass, to give his luminaires a high-end finish.

Jean Perzel has collaborated with many architects and interior designers, including Le Corbusier, Robert Mallet-Stevens and Jacques-Émile Ruhlmann. His luminaires have been used in many prestigious buildings, including the Cité Universitaire in Paris, the Normandie cruise liner and the French Embassy in Moscow.

Today, Jean Perzel's luminaires are considered collector's items, sought after by design enthusiasts and collectors the world over.

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