Vintage Ko-Kutani Porcelain Fu Lion Sculpture, Japan


About this vintage design furniture

Exquisite Lion of foo made in ko-Kutani porcelain, famous traditional craft of the province of Ishikawa, Japan. The figure of the Lion of fu has its origin in Tibet, but quickly spread throughout the nearby territories. Thus, in Japan, lion figures are known as komainu or shisa. Iconographically, the lion appears mounted on a ball or orb. These lions are colorful, the five main colors are used in pigments of great saturation, in addition to gold and silver; in this case, polychrome in green and gold. Excellent workmanship and great decorativism. It has some small flaws on the back, restored and unimportant. Surprising Japanese handmade piece made with a painting technique that enhances the value of good luck and amulets. It protects the family from bad luck and brings wealth. A pair of guardian lions, male and female, symbolize prosperity, success and guardian deities. In Okinawa City, shīsā can be seen everywhere, including at the entrance of buildings and on rooftops. They are often thought to have been part of everyday life since the days of the Ryūkyū Kingdom (1429-1879), but it was not until the middle of the Meiji period (1868-1912) that they began to be displayed in ordinary homes. Reference : 311622

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25 cm
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Mid Century
Secondary colour
Main material

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