1915 - 1985


Wirkkala studied at the Central School of Arts and Crafts in Helsinki, where he specialized in industrial and graphic design. He has worked in many fields of design, including glass, porcelain, silverware, furniture and sculpture. His work has been greatly influenced by Finnish nature and local craft traditions, and he has often experimented with new techniques and materials.

Among Wirkkala's most famous creations are Ultima Thule glasses for Iittala, which were a great success in the 1960s and are still popular today. He has also designed silver cutlery for brands such as Kultakeskus and furniture for Asko and Källemo. He received numerous awards and honors during his career, including the prestigious Lunning Prize in 1951.

Tapio Wirkkala left a lasting imprint on Scandinavian design and is considered one of the greatest designers of the post-war period. His work is represented in the collections of many design museums around the world.

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